Door-to-door vacuum sales experience goes sour

February 11, 2013 8:44:55 PM PST
A door-to-door sales experience did not end well for members of a west Houston family.

They say they ended up with a vacuum cleaner and charge on their credit card they did not want.

A simple 45-minute demonstration turned into a four-hour sales pitch that only ended when a Houston woman says she agreed to buy a pricey vacuum cleaner. Getting a refund turned out to be more difficult.

Ivelisse Torres says a recent experience with a Kirby vacuum seller started well.

"I got a knock on the door asking me if I wanted a free carpet cleaning that would take 45 minutes," she said.

Torres says the salesman stayed a lot longer.

"He was here for approximately four hours," she said.

Torres says as the sales pitch went on she learned the vacuum would cost $1,380.

"I told him I would not be able to make the decision until my husband got home, and he said he would wait for my husband to get home," Torres said.

But Torres' husband was still hours away.

"He would not leave, so I said, 'OK, um, if we purchase the vacuum how long I have to cancel?' And he said, 'Well, there is a three-day cancelation period,'" Torres said.

Torres says she then gave her credit card information to the salesman, who finally left.

Three days later, Torres says she canceled the purchase and then tried to get the company to come get the vacuum and cancel the contract.

"Scheduled two days for them to come pick up the vacuum," Torres said. "Never showed up."

After three weeks with the vacuum, Torres says she got another surprise.

"They still charged my card," she said.

The salesman worked for Dyro Productions. In a statement, the company's president Daniel Black said Torres was not home during the scheduled pick-up times, but added: "Dyro remains willing to accept Ms. Torres's cancelation, but Ms. Torres needs to adhere to the contract and return the machine."

A day after we contacted Dyro about this, the company sent a special courier to get the vacuum. The refund has been taken care of as well, we're told.

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