Thieves target several Cavender's Boot City stores

Authorities foiled a crime spree of a couple of Cavender's Boot City stores in the Houston area.

January 7, 2013 11:24:59 AM PST
A team of crooks performed a series of boot store burglaries all over the area. In a matter of hours the crooks hit three locations before finally being stopped.

They broke into the Cavender's Boot City location off Fairmont Parkway in Pasadena and then hit the one at the Gulf Freeway near Edgebrook. But the spree came to an end at the location on the Northwest Freeway near Flintlock.

Cavender's Boot City manager Tommy Morgan was called Monday morning to retrieve something Houston police found -- a safe that was stolen from his store on the Gulf Freeway in an overnight burglary. The cash was cleaned out and only deposit slips remained inside the safe which was dumped in an alley nearby.

The surveillance video from Morgan's store shows exactly what happened. Six burglars broke into the store, and within minutes left with the safe that was supposed to be burglar-proof.

Morgan said, "It was bolted to the concrete, so they knew what they were doing."

Morgan believes this was not an inside job but was the work of professional burglars.

They had to have cased the place," he said. "It's real obvious from the video they knew what they were doing."

The store was second in a chain of three hit by the burglars. At about 11:15pm, a Cavender's store on Fairmont Parkway in Pasadena was burglarized, and a safe was stolen there. Then Morgan's store was hit at around midnight.

The burglars arrived at a third location at 1:15am, the Cavender's on the Northwest Freeway near Flintlock, but Houston police were waiting. The officers knew about the first two break ins, and arrested two suspects. Four others, though, got away.

"We need to catch these guys and get them off the street," Morgan said.

Inside their red Suburban police say they found burglary tools and evidence from the first two break-ins. Morgan says the more than 20 surveillance cameras did their job.

"I'm real happy I had it," he said. "I used to gripe about how much it cost but I guess I'm glad I had it this time."

Houston police say there are two male burglary suspects in custody, being interviewed by detectives. They are still looking for three other males and one female suspect in connection with all three of these cases. They do believe the cases are linked.

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