Resident speaks out on shooting suspected burglar in burned-out town home


We reported Wednesday on the 3-alarm fire that destroyed and damaged several units at the Nantucket Square Apartments on Place Rebecca Lane near Kuykendahl in northwest Harris County.

At 2am Thursday, Gary Farmer heard the noise of a window breaking on his front porch. Moments later, he knew it was trouble.

"They came through the window. I told them to stop and get out of here and when they came in, I discharged my weapon on him," Farmer told Eyewitness News.

All this was the unintended consequence of a fire at the townhouse complex one night ago. It began in a stairwell and erupted to three alarms. Several units were destroyed and the rest of the building was left without power. All the residents but one left the block of town homes.

But Farmer was concerned about looters. Early Thursday morning, his concern was confirmed.

"I found out later the man was armed," said Farmer. "That's what they said, yes."

He has a concealed handgun permit and he's trained how to use it. While the case will be given to a grand jury, no charges are expected as this is a case of protecting life and property. But it's something he says he wishes had never happened.

"I tell ya, I value human life and I hated that this person put me in this position. I hated it," Farmer said.

Neighbors say it was a bad outcome for all involved.

"I'm very sad that a family, somebody's child, did something unfortunate and they're dealing with a loss this morning. Regardless of what he did, it's still a loss and (the homeowner), he's also dealing with the fact that he had to kill someone to protect himself," said neighbor Athena Williams.

We are told the suspected burglar was 22 years old.

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