Free Shipping Day saves customers money


Today is the last day to get your gifts shipped out using the least expensive options if you want them there before Christmas. So while it's free shipping day, keep in mind not everything ships for free.

At the West U Pack and Ship store workers are packing fast and furious, working quickly to get every single package shipped by Christmas.

Customer Leslie Yates said, "I'm normally paying a lot of extra money."

Yates just made the "regular price" shipping deadline.

"Monday is the biggest day for shipping," said Ameesh Patel with West U Pack and Ship.

Patel says customers should take advantage of the online free shipping day to save.

"You can save $2 to $100," he said.

To find out how to save big, go to There more than 1,600 retailers are offering free shipping. The site makes it easy to find merchants by category. Once you choose a category, the site spells out any restrictions.

To get free shipping, you have pay attention to several things. At some retailers there is a minimum purchase requirement. For example, at, it's free shipping for orders over $50. Don't forget, in many cases you have to physically input a code.

Something else to keep in mind, free shipping usually applies to regular shipping, so be prepared to pay extra for express shipping. A coffee machine ships free at Kohl' with regular service, but for express shipping you'll pay almost $35 more.

If online retailers only allow one coupon code you might be missing out on a better deal, so search coupon code websites like or for bigger discounts.

If online retailers allow you to use multiple coupon codes, then that's when you'll find a deal. Take for example Here you can use up to three coupon codes. For our items, our total price at checkout is $222, but after inputting three coupon codes, our total purchase is $158.94. That's more than $63 savings and, of course, that includes free shipping.

Shopper Beverly Anderson said, "I think it is great because it us going to save a lot of people money."

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