Teen injured in apartment complex drive-by shooting


Now there's outrage from neighbors who say they shouldn't have to fear for their lives in the place where they live.

The apartment complex on West Little York near Nuben was quiet Tuesday evening but the night before, neighbors say they could hear only the loud echoes of bullets flying. In the chaos, a high school football player was shot, and now his family as well as residents at the complex want to know who's responsible.

Sixteen-year old Daveon Johnson was released from the hospital Tuesday.

"My arm still hurt but I'm good right now," he told us.

His mother, Tanya Hayes, is still shocked by what happened Monday night just as she and her son, a sophomore Eisenhower High School football player, and her younger daughter were driving away from a relatives' apartment complex.

Neighbors heard gunshots.

"I heard several gunshots and I hit the floor," a neighbor told us said.

Hayes says she had no idea what they were driving into until she saw sparks on the ground.

"I saw bullets ricochet, and I thought it was firecrackers at first because that's what it sounded like but then it kept going so I was like, 'There's gunshots! Everybody duck,'" Hayes said.

That's when her 13-year-old daughter yelled out from the back seat.

"She raised his arm up, his shirt up and she was like 'Oh my God, oh my God, he's bleeding mama, he's been shot.' And I'm like he's been shot?" Hayes said.

"I didn't know I got shot at first until my little sister told me," Johnson said.

Hayes rushed her son to a nearby fire station where he was then rushed to Ben Taub General Hospital.

According to Houston police, witnesses report the gunshots where coming from a white Dodge pickup truck, possibly with three people inside. The gunman hit several cars and even fired through an apartment.

"This is some serious stuff over here. We're very scared for our lives," another neighbor said.

Police are still searching for the suspects. Hayes hope they are caught soon.

"My thing is who ever did this please stop. You need to stop put your mom or sister or brother or child in my child's place and see how it feels," she said.

Police say are investigating reports that the shooting was in retaliation to an altercation earlier in the day between Johnson and the suspects. Johnson denies that, and his mother says this is simply a case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Meanwhile, police are still searching for the suspects.

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