Houstonians have Super Bowl championship dreams for Texans

November 4, 2012 9:07:13 PM PST
The Houston Texans on Sunday defended their AFC record, which is now 7-1. Fans came out to cheer on their team, but many didn't have their minds on any games in the immediate future. They are looking to something bigger.

The excitement this season for Houston Texans fans is unlike ever before because this year, the Texans have their best record in franchise history.

"It's a great season," fan Milton Guardado said. "They are going beyond our expectations and we're expecting to go to the Super Bowl."

"It's great to see them finally come together and everybody is for the most part healthy, except Cushing," Kevin Holden said.

With the best record in the NFL, Texans fans have plenty to cheer about and have high hopes for a run to the Super Bowl.

"We're doing really well this year," Mike Murphy said. "I think we are going to be at the Super Bowl at the end of 2013."

"You know what we're hoping for: a Super Bowl. New Orleans-bound baby," James Reynolds said.

After coming off their bye week, the Texans are rested up and ready to finish out the season strong.

With only eight games left, this Super Bowl favorite is not looking back but looking forward to hopefully a Super Bowl championship.