Man said to be wearing hockey mask attacks two homeless men with machete


Two men were nearly killed during an apparent random and violent attack late Wednesday night at Crosstimbers and Jensen. Now one of the victims is talking to Eyewitness News from his hospital bed.

The two homeless men were sleeping on makeshift pallets behind a strip center building being renovated became the target of a machete-wielding attacker who we are told never said a word.

Even now, there are signs something terrible happened there. A police officer Friday searched the area for any evidence that might have been missed. In the hospital are the two men who narrowly survived a machete attack.

"He didn't say nothing. All I heard was my friend screaming," said victim Marshal Brock.

The men were asleep when they were attacked. The suspect, Brock says, wore a mask.

"It looked like a 'Scream' or a Jason mask," Brock said.

The victims both managed to escape, leaving a trail of blood behind them.

Across the street is another homeless encampment. A woman there saw the victims running for help.

"They ran across the street. Their hands were all cut up and stuff. They were all chopped up," she told us.

Brock, 27, has two broken arms and has endured hours of surgery. Now he says he's too frightened to fall asleep.

"It's like a scary movie happening," said Brock.

The other man, identified as 45-year-old James Morris, lost five fingers. He remains in ICU at Ben Taub Hospital.

As for the attacker, he is said to be between 6 feet and 6 feet 2 inches tall, weighs around 200 pounds, and was wearing overalls at the time.

Homeless advocates believe the pair was targeted because they were vulnerable.

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