Would-be burglars break into nightclub in Midtown


It happened at the Senate nightclub on Fannin near Tuam around 3:30am. Police say three masked guys used crowbars to break into the nightclub with the intent of stealing high-end liquor. Apparently the owners were still inside at the time, heard the suspects talking and called police.

Authorities say the men jumped into their getaway car just as police arrived. The suspects wouldn't surrender and instead led police on a chase up I-45, east on I-10 and through Finnegan Park. That's where the suspects crashed the vehicle.

All three suspects ditched the car and tried to flee through an apartment complex near Henderson Elementary.

"There are holes in the back fence cut," said Sgt. Craig Bigger with the Houston Police Department. "There's a recycling company behind the location and open fields. Typically they will go into an apartment or if they make it to that back (fence) where they can get out, they'll be out in the woods in the back of the apartment."

That's where neighbors say that the last two suspects were taken out of an apartment of a nearby complex. The other suspect was caught earlier.

The nightclub owners say the suspects didn't get away with any cash or any of the high-end liquor they were after.

Houston police say Drexel Ferguson is facing felony burglary of a business and evading with a motor vehicle charges, as well as a third charge for misdemeanor evading on foot. Devon Gibbs, 18, is charged with felony burglary of a building and felony fleeing on foot. And Redrick Jackson, 21, is charged with misdemeanor hindering apprehension.

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