Three sisters, six cancer battles in 12 years


Despite all the treatments, the Labrada sisters continue to have fun and encourage others. They're living proof that even if you have cancer over and over, it doesn't have to change who you are.

The three Labrada sisters share a passion for puzzles and for family. You' never know that these three sisters have a history with cancers.

Tamara was first. She found a lump during an OB check.

"And you had Stage 4 breast cancer?" we asked Tamara Labrada Carlon.

"Yes and three months of pregnancy," she said.

Doctors told her to end the pregnancy before starting treatment. She said no, but Harris Health System doctors were able to start chemo during the pregnancy and save her baby.

"He's 12 years old, his name is David and I'm really proud of David, that he make it too with me, together," Carlon said.

Two years later, her sister, Yadira Labrada Pena, discovered triple negative breast cancer.

"She told me you know what, I'm glad I went through this before, because now I can help you, and I'm going to tell you everything," Pena said.

The sisters did gene testing and discovered all three have the BRCA 1 gene. Yadira has the BRCA 2 gene as well. Then Diana Labrada Revera found breast cancer.

"I said oh my God there's something here. I called Dr. Tamara, the family doctor," Revera said jokingly.

Once again, Carlon guided a sister through the treatments and emotions. And her own struggle continued. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer three years ago, and breast cancer again this year. Yet she found humor in her heartache, looking at her scarred body with her mother.

"I remember my mom she said if, 'I could give it to you, my breast would that help?' I said, 'No I don't want yours. You're so old for me now!'" Carlon said jokingly.

Yadira developed ovarian cancer too but was saved because it was caught very early. You'd expect them to feel like they're living under some cancer-filled cloud. No, instead the Labrada sisters share wigs, tears and laughter because they know how precious life and family can be.

"It's time for us to celebrate, to celebrate life every single day, because we are a miracle," Pena said.

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