Shops, websites offer designer dress rentals for fraction of cost


And with the holidays around the corner, this trend of renting couture clothes and accessories is big. From local shops to online stores, you can find what you need for your event for less than 85 percent of the retail price.

It's a secret of some of Houston's best dressed.

"I am one of the Houston top contributers," shopper Lacey Barnes said.

She's renting designer clothes rather than buying. It is saving fashionistas cold hard cash.

"Retail it's a $2,000 dress. I got it to rent for a fraction of the price so you can't beat that," shopper Christine Nguien said.

Websites like, and stores like Couture House Rentals in The Woodlands have loyal clients who used to spend a lot of money on a dress they wear only once. Now some women have changed the way they shop by renting.

"It's easy, it's a no-brainer," shopper Natasha Gorge said. is another website with a huge fan base in Houston. Their site rents out designer gowns and accessories.

The site works like this: You simply pick the dress you want to rent and it's shipped to you. The website has a huge selection of designer dresses that range from formal gowns to date night outfits. Prices also range from as high as $400 for one dress rental to as little as $30.

"The prices are amazing because it is something that I could never afford off the rack," Barnes said.

This black-tie designer gown retails for $1,500 in the boutiques, but you can rent it for $125.

This show-stopping mini dress retails for $1,200, but at the, it's $150.

This red party dress retails for $350, it's $50 to rent. If you are worried about fit...

"You get two sizes when you order so you are almost guaranteed to find something that fits," Barnes said. always sends your rental in two sizes, plus you can add a backup style for an additional $25. If you are worried about damaging the dress, every customer pays a $5 insurance fee so it's always covered. And don't worry about the dry cleaning bill, it's included in the rental fee.

By the way, you can keep your rental for four days. The bottom line, if you want to wear a designer gown that you would normally not be able to afford, this may be the route for you.

Shipping is included and it is also covered in the rental fee. They send you a pre-paid envelope to toss it back in the mail.

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