Court appearance for firefighter's wife who allegedly plotted his murder


Brittany Rachelle Martinez was told by the judge today that she has until December 4 to decide if she wants this case to go to trial or if she wants to enter a guilty plea. She is charged with solicitation of capital murder.

Martinez, 25, is hardly tall enough to see the judge over the bench, but prosecutors say she is a dangerous woman. Back in March, prosecutors say she tried to hire a friend named Stephen Rowland to kill her husband, Houston firefighter Adrian Ray Martinez.

According to court documents, the defendant, who was then 24, approached restaurant owner Rowland and gave him $500 in cash, but promised him a total of $1,000 to $2,000 to kill her husband. Rowland said she told him the couple was having marital problems.

Rowland told investigators Martinez visited again, bringing another $500, plus a photo of her firefighter husband and a copy of his work schedule. Prosecutors say Rowland called her and recorded a phone conversation during which Martinez gave the man tips about avoiding security cameras around her husband's place of work, and said she did not care about the manner in which he was killed, but that she "just wanted the job done."

Martinez is out on $100,000 bond.

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