Suspected tagger caught red-handed by authorities


Investigators say he's responsible for a big headache for business owners, and right now they're left cleaning up the mess left behind.

A lot of businesses have already cleaned up the graffiti left behind by a suspect Monday night.

There was a lot of cleaning up along Highway 6 near Clay Road Tuesday.

"When graffiti comes, appears on our walls or anywhere else, it seems to bring down the front of a store," Pawn One manager Max Robles said.

At business after business, crews painted over black and white graffiti. From the Chase Bank all the way to the Pawn One where a Harris County Pct. 5 chief deputy constable allegedly caught the tagger red-handed. It's enough damage that he could face a felony charge.

"If we can go over $1,500 or more, it's a state-jail felony," Pct. 5 Deputy Constable's Office Sgt. Arnold Hinojosa said.

Deputies say 31-year-old Charles Eric Sohlis was behind the painting spree.

"He was found with a backpack containing several cans of white and black spray paint, and he did have some residue of the paint on his fingers," Hinojosa said.

It's an unusual arrest for a nuisance crime.

"It's good to finally catch one who's actually doing it in the act," Hinojosa said.

But it's also an arrest that brings relief for the people who run businesses along this busy strip.

"It's not going to be easy anymore to do it and there are people watching and keeping an eye out," Robles said.

Law enforcement is waiting for surveillance video from a McDonald's that also was hit by the suspected tagger.

Investigators are still trying to determine whether Sohlis acted alone or if he had accomplices.

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