Dance studios taking Houston by storm


Whether you're in your 70's or your 20's, dancing has never been more popular in Houston.

"It's just fun," ballroom dance student Ann Sanders said.

"It's sort of I think maybe a little bit trendy these days for younger people to get involved in that," ballroom dance student Courtney Mayo said.

And the proof is in the numbers.

"Seven, eight years ago there was just one and now there's 11 across Texas," Fred Astaire Studio director Philip Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez says the huge surge in the ballroom dance business is due to shows, like "Dancing with the Stars." On TV, viewers may be connecting with the stars. But in real life, couples are connecting with each other.

One thing instructors say is also interesting is that more couples who may be having problems in their marriages are starting to learn how to dance, because it sometimes improves those relationships.

"Rekindling a spark in your marriage, doing different things to learn something together. So that helps as far as awareness," Gutierrez said.

And then there's what dancing does to your body.

Nightclub Cardio has taken Houston by storm. It's a party that fuses exercise with dance moves.

"It's fun, easy moves to follow, repetitive moves so that everybody of all ages, all fitness levels can do it," Nightclub Cardio instructor Kendra Southern said.

Southern has been teaching Nightclub Cardio for three years now.

"Because of the whole dance reality phenomenon that's been going on, I've seen my members numbers increase," she said.

Southern says dancers can burn up to 800 calories in one hour.

"I love it. Getting my heart rate up," Nightclub Cardio participant Stephanie Ulbricht said.

"I like the choreography, I like the music," Nightclub Cardio participant Lynette Drake said.

So whether you're older, wanting to improve or a novice, willing to give it a try the dance boom may be here to stay.

"Posture, confidence and balance," Sanders said. If you're looking to get into the swing of things, several places in Houston are offering dance lessons.

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