Nurseries offering great deals on plants


We have talked about transitioning our summer wardrobe into fall and, well, you can also transition your spring and summer plants. It's also a great time to add new plants to your garden because most nurseries are having their annual sales.

The rich, warm colors have gardeners ready for the fall.

"I have croton to add color to my front porch and some little six-inch mums," gardener Maggie McDonald said.

And right now you can also find some of the best prices at many Houston nurseries.

Over at the Houston Garden Centers, prices on most plants are 70 percent off. And because our Gulf Coast weather lends itself to warm, mild winters, experts say this is the best time to plant.

"The root system grows all winter long so when spring comes around that top of the plant, the leaf structure is ready to take off, you have a well-established plant," said Eddie Russell with Cornelius Nursery.

While mums are a fall favorite, Russell says other plants you can find on sale also work well. First up is celosia, which is available in red, yellow and orange.

"Most people consider a celosia as a spring plant, but the way we have them now, they have a beautiful fall color and it will go to the first frost," Russell said.

Crotons are a timeless plant and the colors are perfect for fall. Zinia is another spring plant you can find on sale, but this plant can also be found in warm tones and it will continue to keep blooming all season long.

"If they go through our winter time, then you will have them in the spring as well," Russell said.

If you are looking for perennial plants that come back season after season, rudbeckia is an option; it blooms through the first frost.

"If it freezes down, it's a strong perennial and it will be back in the spring," Russell said.

For something a little different this season, consider purple flowering plants like angelonias for full sun or plectranthus for full shade. Russell says purple flowers compliment warm colors for autumn.

For small spaces, our expert recommends planting colorful ornamental peppers in container gardens on your patio.

"They shout fall because they have brilliant colors to them," Russell said.

For those who don't feel like planting, using a few fall accessories like pumpkins, gourds or scarecrows can transform your garden like this summer container garden; we add a few gourds and now it feels like fall.

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