Woman says human traffickers holding her daughter


Houston police say the call initially came as a kidnapping. A woman says some men took her 16-year-old daughter away in a grocery store parking lot on Westheimer near Dairy Ashford in west Houston Tuesday afternoon.

We spoke with the mother and she says her daughter was going to be handed over by men who brought the girl to Houston from Nicaragua. The mother says the men demanded more money.

The mother does not know where her daughter is now.

Police say kidnapping cases are handled by homicide detectives. If there is an immigration issue in this case, ICE would get involved.

A spokesperson with ICE says he isn't familiar with this case but there's been an increase in human smuggling hostage situations in the Houston area. He says people are often passed onto other organizations.

The ICE spokesperson says if they've given this case, they plan on following that trail but couldn't speculate exactly what may happen to the teen daughter if she is found.

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