Dead man's parents in disbelief over alleged road rage incident


The sheriff's office is completing its investigation of what happened Monday morning at the gas station in northwest Harris County. The case will be presented to a grand jury. At this point the shooter has not been arrested or charged with any crime -- a stunning realization for the victim's family.

Jonathan Ables would have been 23 next month. His parents are stunned that he will never see that birthday.

His stepfather Kyle Aucoin said, "When that boy smiled at you, he breathed life into you, man."

Ables was shot to death, investigators say by Crystal Scott following a minor accident that spilled over into a gas station parking lot on Monday near FM 1960 and Perry Road. Scott, 23, told deputies she and Ables had been cutting each other off. After they hit and both pulled in to the gas station, Scott said Ables walked up to her car yelling and beating on her window. She claims he grabbed for her door, and that fearing for her life, she grabbed her gun and opened fire.

"She shot and killed him. That's what happened," Kyle said. "Our son is dead and she walked free."

For now, Scott was questioned and then released. The Harris County Sheriff's Office says at least one eyewitness gave a statement consistent with Scott's claim that Ables had been aggressive in some manner, though we spoke to another eyewitness who says Ables was not.

Ables' family tells us the passenger riding with him in his vehicle told them Ables never threatened Scott.

Ables' mother Charlene Aucoin said, "I know for a fact that that is not what occurred. My son was not raised like that."

Charlene admits she was not there and that she doesn't know all the facts. She wishes Scott had just driven away or called 911 if she felt threatened. She finds some solace, she says, in the fact that the case will now be presented to a grand jury.

"I'm going to leave it up to the hands of the lord and believe that justice will be served," Charlene said. "I'm just going to believe that."

According to the sheriff's report, Scott had a concealed handgun license.

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