Huge savings at Remodelers Garage Sale


Tucked away in the back corner of the Texas Home and Garden Show is the Remodelers Garage Sale. If you have a project underway or about to begin one, this is the place to find materials at a whopping 75 percent off retail.

From bricks for the outside to kitchen sinks for the inside, the Remodelers Garage Sale has plenty to pick through this weekend. For those in a project or starting one, the garage sale gives them a chance to pick up supplies at rock bottom prices.

"Seventy-five percent off plus a lot of the things are brand new in the box, unopened," said Brondy Carmichael, one of the directors of the Remodelers Garage Sale.

He says over the last five years the garage sale has offered up new items that were ordered for jobs but not needed and some things that were reclaimed. Like this door from a project in New Orleans.

"A contractor was working over there and he got these doors and you can see where there were locks and he has filled those in and sanded them down," said Tom Pellegrin with the Remodelers Garage Sale.

Pellegrin has been coordinating the garage sale for years. He says the biggest discounts are on the plumbing supplies.

"Any of the plumbing fixtures are like ten cents on the dollar. We've got some really nice stuff and we've got some odd ball stuff, but you can piece it together from what we have," Pellegrin said.

And that's just the beginning. We found a toilet that would have cost $1,200 in the store that can now be yours for just $350. And this sink that retails for $1,500 marked down to $320.

"If somebody has the right spot for it, it will go pretty quick. If you put this on the TV show, someone will see that and come in looking for it," said Pellegrin.

The garage sale is happening at the Texas Home and Garden Show on Saturday and Sunday at Reliant Center. Show hours are Saturday 10am - 7pm, and Sunday 11am - 5pm.

Admission is $10 for adults, and kids under 14 are free. The proceeds go to charity and anything left over goes to Habitat for Humanity.

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