Kidnapped boy to remain with foster family


The boy, Miguel Morin, remains in foster care and Wednesday morning his family was back in court to find out what's next.

The judge decided Miguel needs to stay with his current foster family at least until January 9. That was based on testimony from Miguel's child advocate and his therapist. CPS officials say Miguel has had three therapy sessions with his biological parents.

Miguel Morin was kidnapped when he was just eight months old. In March of this year authorities found him, now eight years old, living with his former babysitter Krystle Tanner and her mother Gloria Walker and living under a different name. The pair is charged with kidnapping and injury to a child and are in jail.

Miguel is with a foster family, learning colors, numbers, and letters. He was kept out of school and is behind other children his age. But CPS officials say he has caught up to a second grade reading level.

Miguel is undergoing therapy, as are his parents, Auboni Champion-Morin and Fernando Morin. Their attorney testified that they want him placed with his four siblings, ages 7, 9, 10 and 14, who do not live with the Morins. They live with Juanita and Joseph Auguillard, Miguel's godparents, and the Auguillards' seven children.

The Auguillards received some good news at this hearing. Miguel will visit with them, and meet his siblings for the first time later this month. What they are excited about is reunification of these children who are, for now, total strangers.

"Hopefully we will be getting him soon," said Joseph Auguillard. "Hopefully he can join his sisters and brothers as soon as possible, because the quicker he can do that, the better he can start to adapt and live a normal life. He can be with his sisters and brothers. He can enjoy the childhood, you know, have his sisters and brothers to play with and interact with and feel the love that he's been missing."

The Auguillards say they have a bed ready for Miguel and are excited about the future.

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