Houstonians handling the Labor Day heat


Whether you're working or working out today, it doesn't take long to feel it.

Henry, 10, and Demetric just sweat through a pretty intense exercise session outside.

"It makes you feel like you wanna just lay down and go to sleep on the grass. Very, very hot," said Henry.

And talk about "hot" yoga, outside Rothko Chapel this morning, the brave and dedicated took part in the annual Labor Day "Free Day of Yoga." But these yogis are also practicing smart.

"Stay in the shade, don't work too hard, take breaks," said yoga teacher Sam Evers.

Despite summer's end around the corner, Houston's still sweating. And this week's forecast calls for temperatures in the triple-digits when you factor in the heat index.

"I try to run early in the morning and stay inside the rest of the day," said runner Carlos Sharpless.

A reminder from doctors: if you're gonna be outside, be sure to hydrate; wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothes; share the shade; and always wear sunscreen. Tips to keep handy because it's going to get hotter before it cools down.

"Drink a lot of water and Gatorade. Water when I run, Gatorade when I get home," said Sharpless.

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