Suspected graffiti taggers caught by police in N. Houston


It happened around 4:15am at the Dollar Plus store off West Calvacade near Airline. A patrol officer was passing by and noticed what was going on.

They're not the decorations the business paid for; the colorful symbols and words like 'Zomb' for zombie and the phrase '1984 is here.'

It's not known if this particular incident is gang activity, but often times gangs will use tagging to mark territory.

The suspects were on the roof, trying to hide from police, but they were taken into custody. They are both adults and police say misdemeanor criminal mischief charges will be filed against them.

The owner of this property will file the formal complaint as the victim of this crime. A graffiti abatement program with HPD is expected to paint over this graffiti for free, within in the next two weeks.

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