Single bullet kills man, injures daughter-in-law


A man died and his daughter-in-law was in critical condition Saturday, and investigators believe it was from one bullet fired from the man's own gun.

It happened around 1am outside a home on Garland near Elrod. It's a quiet home with roses growing in the front yard, but the scene was bloody Saturday morning.

"I just can't understand it yet," neighbor Edna Giron said.

Giron said she was frozen in place when she looked across the street and saw her neighbor and his daughter-in-law lying in the driveway, both covered in blood and not moving.

"Tragedy like this you don't expect. You don't think about it, so when it happens, you just kind of stay there," Giron said.

Police tell us Milton Morgan, 67, kept a semi-automatic handgun inside his home for protection, but his wife wanted the gun removed from the house.

Around 1am, he took it outside. His daughter-in-law, 36-year-old Michelle Maseda, was also outside.

"The male was removing a weapon from inside his house at the urgence of his wife and was in the process of exiting the house and the wife was still inside when she heard a single gunsho ," Ofc. Brian Evans with HPD Homicide said.

Morgan's wife raced outside to find her husband dead and Maseda severely injured.

Police believe the shot went through one body and into the other.

"She was giving him first aid but when she see he didn't respond, she was crying," Giron said.

The investigation continues into how the gun was fired, but police say it appears accidental.

Maseda was in critical condition at Ben Taub General Hospital on Saturday night. At last check, she was stable.

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