Teen girl's killing in her home shocks neighbors


Jordan Boijseauneau, 19, is accused of beating his sister as his 15-year-old girlfriend ran to the neighbors for help. He is still in the hospital, listed as stable.

On Wednesday family members spent most of the day cleaning up what authorities describe as a gruesome scene inside the house after investigators say a teen tied up his girlfriend, then beat his sister to death. Neighbors are still in shock. One neighbor, too shaken to speak on camera, says she brought the family coffee and prayed with them Tuesday night. She and others are now asking why this happened.

Neighbor Misty Tosh said, "That brings me to tears to think about that."

Tosh says her daughter went to school with one of the suspect's young siblings and Tosh says she can't get past what he's accused of doing to his teenaged sister, Stephanie Boijseauneau, 17.

"I laid in bed last night and thought about it and prayed about it," Tosh said.

It all happened Tuesday afternoon after Montgomery County officials believe the siblings got into an argument. Investigators say the suspect's 15-year-old girlfriend had been bound with duct tape in the back room at Boijseauneau's house but somehow managed to cut herself free and run to a neighbor's house for help.

Deputies say Boijseauneau attacked his sister throughout the house, beating her to death before stabbing himself, swallowing pills and then hiding in a closet.

"It's a sad situation," said one neighbor.

Boijseauneau could face capital murder charges. Neighbors are still wondering what lead to the brutal beating, but they say their thoughts are with the parents.

The neighbor added, "I feel more sorry for the parents that they have to deal with such a loss of a girl, and the poor son."

"That's a devastating thing for the family," Tosh said.

Jordan Boijseauneau is also facing a sexual assault of a child charge from May. Police would not go into specifics about that case. Montgomery County deputies are still searching for a motive in this killing.

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