Officials: Man allowed friends to set his head on fire


WARNING: Some may find surveillance video above disturbing

William Bonner, 36, was at an Augusta, Georgia, bar last Thursday with friends. On the video, you can see people flicking a lighter next to his head just before it becomes in engulfed in flames. Bonner reportedly suffered second-degree burns to his face and spent the weekend in critical condition.

"I've seen people do a lot of crazy things when they are under the influence of alcohol," said Lt. Blaise Dresser with the Richmond County Sheriff's Office. "I've never seen them set their head on fire."

Investigators told TV station WJBF that Bonner's friends doused his head with rum before lighting it on fire. Bonner says he doesn't remember what happened, and hopes no one else ever does something -- quote -- "as stupid as this."

The sheriff's office says it's not planning to file charges.

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