Kids living in bus reunited with father


The children were reunited with their father, Mark Shorten. Shorten got out of prison two weeks ago after serving 15 months for wire fraud. Shorten's wife Sherrie finished her time in prison on the same charge earlier this year.

The children were found living alone in Montgomery County by a postal worker in March. Child Protective Services has custody of the boy and girl.

"My son, my daughter, besides my wife, are about all I got, you know. I'm going to get them back. I don't care how long it takes," Mark said. "I've been away for 15 months, nine days. I'm waiting on to get back with my kids and get life back to normal, because right now it's just kind of empty. I don't want to be without them any longer than I already have been."

Sherrie said, "He's home. We want to reunite our family and we don't want to wait any longer. The kids are crying on the phone. They want to come home."

The parents say they will do anything to bring their family together for good.

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