Man who saved driver in fiery crash recalls wreck


The day it was recorded, all we knew was that a good Samaritan risked his life to save another. Turns out he was well equipped and there is a woman in Pasadena and her entire family who are so grateful.

Nancy Decker has a broken heel, rattled nerves and doctor's orders to slow down. But she's here.

"I shouldn't be home, I should have multiple injuries. I shouldn't be here," she told us.

Two weeks ago, Decker, a mother and grandmother, was trapped inside her car at the toll plaza at Wayside. She had lost control, crashed, and the car flipped and caught fire.

As eyewitnesses waited for help, one man jumped on top, smashed out the window with a fire extinguisher and with help, pulled her to safety. Then he was gone.

"He's my guardian angel, he really is," Decker said.

Ever since, she says she has known who put him there.

"I have a hero, but God put him there," Decker said.

But she has wondered who he is.

"I'd just love to sit and visit with him," she said.

Mitchell Corbin has wondered about that day, too.

"Everything just clicked in my mind," he said.

Corbin was on his way to the airport to catch a flight when he came upon the crash.

"I saw a lady frantically screaming, 'She's still in there, she's still in there!'" Corbin said.

Instead of waiting, he took control and says his military training took over.

"I figured out there was a big problem going on and took the steps to fix it," Corbin said.

You see, Corbin is Staff Sergeant Corbin and a member of the 147th Reconnaissance Wing of the Texas Air National Guard at Ellington. He has endured hours of military emergency response training and on June 1, it worked.

"I was just happy that everything turned out all right and everyone was safe," Corbin said.

Seconds after Decker was pulled to safety, the car was engulfed in flames. Corbin is the right person with the right tools, and Decker is a woman of strong faith and much gratitude.

"He didn't give up and I'm very thankful, very thankful that he knew what to do and he did it," she said.

Decker hopes to meet Corbin one day to thank him.

Corbin actually teaches emergency response to other members of the Texas Air National Guard but this was his first time he's actually had to apply his training in real life.

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