Dad accused of choking wife, injuring son during fit of rage


According to court documents, on May 31 a woman says her common-law husband, Charles Leslie Peckinpaugh, was slurring his words and falling asleep while eating with their two kids at their residence on Fall Creek Drive in the Huffman area. The woman claims she asked Peckinpaugh to go lay down, but he said he was fine and to leave him alone.

The woman told investigators that after bathing their kids, she came back into the living room to find Peckinpaugh asleep on the couch with a bowl of spaghetti spilled all over him. She says she grabbed the bowl out of Peckinpaugh's hands, at which point he woke up and "went into a rage." She told police he flipped the coffee table over and threw a flat screen TV on the floor.

Court documents state the woman told Peckinpaugh to stop and that their son and daughter came out of their room screaming and crying.

She alleges that Peckinpaugh then grabbed the entertainment center to flip it over and when she attempted to stop him, he pushed her onto the floor, jumped on top of her and began to choke her.

The woman says she tried to call for help on a phone, but Peckinpaugh grabbed it and destroyed it. She stated Peckinpaugh threw her to the ground again, choked her and slammed her head on the ground. She says she lost consciousness and when she came to again, she alleges the Peckinpaugh had his hand around the throat of their son, telling him to leave him alone. Peckinpaugh then got up and left their residence.

Court documents show investigators observed photos of the injuries to the woman and the boy, as well as property damage allegedly caused by Peckinpaugh.

Peckinpaugh, 36, is charged with injury to child and assault. No bond has been set in this case.

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