Police: Allegedly drunk pregnant mom left kid in car


The woman had her 10-month-old child in her car at the time. That girl is now in protective custody of CPS as workers try to find a suitable relative to take care of the child, and her mom sits in jail.

It was at Dagos Tattoo Shop on the North Freeway where workers say something disturbing happened early Wednesday morning. They say a seven-month pregnant woman was at the center of it all.

A tattoo worker who calls himself 'Yogi' said, "I knew she was stumbling. I knew she was on something."

Yogi says the woman, who police have now identified as Stephanie Irene Santana, 20, appeared to be heavily intoxicated when she came into Dagos at around 4am asking for a piercing.

"She asked me how long would the piercing take, and I said why would you ask me how long would it take because there is nobody in here. And she said because I have a baby in the car. That's when I asked her who's watching the baby. She said nobody, the baby is asleep," Yogi recalled.

Workers say they quickly became concerned and immediately asked Santana to leave.

Yogi explained, "I said, you know what, I can't pierce you, or even sign you up with a baby in your car. You need to go outside and tend to your baby."

Yogi says he and his coworkers called police as they watched Santana stumble back out to her car and fall asleep behind the wheel. They say her 10-month-old little girl was also sleeping, unrestrained in the passenger's seat.

"She was asleep in the car and we called the police," Yogi said. "She was asleep in the car for a long time before they got here."

Police say they found several beer bottles and some Xanax in Santana's car. They say the woman is now facing numerous charged including DWI, child endangerment and possession of a controlled substance.

"She was looking for trouble," Yogi claimed. "She got everything she deserves, because the baby was in danger and she needs to be where she needs to be."

CPS workers say the 10-month-old little girl is doing well.

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