Houston woman introduces glamour to camping


"I've really enjoyed some of the finest things in life," Houston businesswoman Lynn Gallimore said.

Gallimore knows all about life in the fast lane.

"It was beautiful and it was fun and we did exciting things that you know people would dream," she said. "But in a way it was just a little bit empty. My soul needed something."

The turning point for Gallimore came after a safari trip to Africa six years ago.

"You see people that living on dirt and they are happy," Gallimore said.

Today, her life looks a lot different. Gallimore said goodbye to her old way of living in Houston and moved to Wimberly to become grounded and reconnect with nature.

"I couldn't think of putting this anywhere else," Gallimore said.

On her path to self discovery, Gallimore founded one of the Hill Country's premiere glamping destinations. Glamping -- where glamour meets camping. She offers five-star hotel accommodations by furnishing all the amenities but in a modified, air-conditioned African safari tent.

"It's just like living in a cloud. It's really nice," Gallimore said.

Prices start at $245 a night during the week and a stay includes sweeping views, a two-course breakfast, outdoor hot tub and shower. You can even order a massage.

"If you are lucky enough to come here when there's a full moon, you actually have to pull the drapes because it's so bright it will keep you up," Gallimore said.

The glamping craze started in Europe and is an emerging industry in the states. Gallimore caters to stressed-out guests from all over Texas and the country.

"There's that beautiful wind," she said.

In creating this sanctuary she calls Sinya, Gallimore has finally found herself.

"I feel much more secure with who I am. I don't have to try to show that I'm anything different than I am," she said.

Right now, Gallimore has just the one tent but she's not ruling out the possibility of expanding.

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