Neighbors hope tragic drowning serves as eye-opener for parents


Police tell us six-year-old Jazmine Brown drowned Friday evening at a pool in an apartment complex on Oakmoor Parkway near Acaciawood Way.

"I jumped in to try to save her, and it didn't work out," Jarvis Lemon said.

Lemon knew something was terribly wrong the second he saw a little girl underwater at his apartment pool, not moving.

He then jumped in to grab the child.

"Once I got in there, the girl was lifeless. I picked her up and I didn't know what to do," he said.

Kids who were swimming at the time say the little girl was under water for five to 10 minutes. The pool is almost five feet deep.

"She was underneath the water for a long, long time," witness Amereil Richmond said.

Tiara Johnson was swimming with Jazmine when it happened. She said she didn't realize anything was wrong at first.

"She had jumped in the deepest part of it," Johnson said. "I thought she knew how to swim and she was just holding her breath for a long time."

Shanieka Lewis was at the pool with her children. When Lemon pulled Jazmine from the water, Lewis immediately started CPR. The girl's aunt was right next to her, screaming for help.

"She was lying there, helpless. She didn't have a pulse or anything. She was turning blue by then. She was real cold," Lewis said.

Lewis, who is still in disbelief, says this drowning should be an eye-opener for all parents.

"You can look away two seconds and not pay attention, because it takes only a second for something to happen," she said.

The girl's family is raising funds for a burial. If you would like to donate, visit and enter "supportjazminebrown" in site's search bar. There, you will find a picture of Jazmine, words from her mother, the family's goal and what has been donated so far.

According to the site, Jazmine was at a pool party for her brother's 11th birthday when she drowned.

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