Bieber helps make Jepsen's 'Call Me Maybe' a hit

LONDON, England

Her catchy hit "Call Me Maybe" is about giving someone you don't know your phone number. The 26-year-old Canadian singer hopes the lyrics will inspire people to take a risk on love -- even though she's not had the guts to do it that way herself.

"I have never actually given a guy my phone number before," Jepsen told The Associated Press in a recent interview. "You have to live vicariously through your music, so I figure if I was ever that brave that is how I would give a guy my number."

"Call Me Maybe" is in the top 5 on iTunes and has hit No. 1 in the U.K., Canada and Australia.

The track was first spotted by fellow Canadian Justin Bieber, who signed Jepsen to his manager's record label, Schoolboy Records/Interscope. He gave the track a big boost by appearing in a YouTube video, along with Selena Gomez and Ashley Tisdale, where they mimed and danced along to the song.

The video has now clocked nearly 35 million views on YouTube.

AP: Why do you think people have related to "Call Me Maybe"?

Jepsen: A lot of the reason people have been able to hear it is because of Justin's support. But why it is responding as well is kind of a mystery to me, but it is wonderful.

AP: What did you think when you saw the Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale video?

Jepsen: I was talking to my mom at the time and it popped up on my Facebook. There had been a couple of mock videos that fans had done and stuff, I thought it was one of those. But I was like 'that guy looks like Justin Bieber and that girl looks like Selena Gomez' and by the time Ashley Tisdale came on I was like 'Mom, I got to go!' and I had a little freak out.

AP: Have you seen the other ones by Katy Perry and James Franco?

Jepsen: And Miley Cyrus did one too, it's insane. It's kind of a cool little thing that has started -- celebrities but also lots of different fans putting together videos. And everyone always looks so happy.

AP: What's Justin like as a boss?

Jepsen: So far Justin hasn't taken on the boss attitude, which is nice. He's been more of a really good supporter and friend. He's also given me a bit of a boost of confidence because you struggle for so many years.

AP: Is he OK with you beating him? In the U.K., you outsold him 2:1 and beat him to No.1.

Jepsen: (Laughs) Oh, I think we had a little friendly competition going on but he's a good sport about it. And I think he knows, as I know, that none of that success would have been possible without his support.

AP: Tell me where "Call Me Maybe" came from, the inspiration.

Jepsen: The line 'Before you came into my life I missed you so bad' was in fact written and inspired by the guy that I am seeing now, actually. He's got like three CDs written for him so it's old news, he is used to it. That was the truth for me and him; I was like 'Oh, life could be this good? Awesome.'

AP: Is there pressure on you now to follow up on that success?

Jepsen: It would be a shame if I just released 'Call Me Maybe' and that was it. I feel so hungry to show all the stuff I've been writing for the past few years and this experience is inspiring things too!

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