Kayaking boy, 9, reels in shark off Galveston Island


Kevin Stevens and his 9-year-old son, Hunter, go on regular fishing trips together. Sometimes they catch redfish, flounder, drums or alligator gar. Other times, it gets a bit more exciting.

The beach was crowded Sunday as the pair climbed into their kayak and headed out into the gulf.

Before long, Hunter was reeling in a blacktip shark. His dad helped him get it in as it was brought closer to the kayak.

Hunter's mother, Christina Stevens, said sharks are showing up earlier than usual this year. They lost two large sharks Sunday and one last week before making this big catch at Beach Pocket Park 16. It's their first shark of the season.

This isn't Hunter's first shark catch ever by any means. He's practically a pro already.

In fact, we told you about another large shark Hunter and his father caught in the same spot last August.

Christina Stevens told us that Hunter isn't frightened at all by the creatures. Instead, he's fascinated by them and he always looks forward to his next fishing trip. She said he has a passion for marine biology, and he loves spending time with his dad.


We want your fish pics
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