Carjacking suspect in custody after police chase


Authorities said the chase started on Victory near West Montgomery. It ended nearly two miles away at Athlone near Lemon Tree.

It was a quick chase that caused plenty of damage. The driver struck several vehicles along his route.

According to officials, the suspect stole a Chrysler car from its owner while he was filling it with gas.

Police said the suspect drove the Chrysler to his father's house nearby. His father knew it was stolen, so he called 911. The chase soon began.

As police pursued the suspect, he ran into an unknown number of vehicles.

The final crash had an interesting twist. The suspect ended up running the stolen car into an SUV driven by the carjacking victim's sister.

The woman told us her light turned green at the intersection, but the suspect did not stop at the red light on his side.

She said the man had been driving in circles in the area where he allegedly stole her brother's car.

The suspect was taken into custody without incident.

As he sat in the back of a police car, we asked him if he knew how many cars he hit while running from police.

"I just know I hit one for sure," he said.

According to investigators, he may have been impaired by drugs or alcohol.

The suspect's name has not been released. Charges are pending.

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