Police arrest suspects after wild car chase in southeast Houston


The chase started around 4pm on I-45 near NASA Parkway, as police pursued a red Trailblazer without license plates. Police say it all began when the men were allegedly trying to break into cars.

We caught up with the suspect of the chase just moments after he was captured by police in southeast Houston, and he wasn't talking. But what he wouldn't tell us was captured through SkyEye HD.

The chase's most dramatic moments happening around 8 minutes past 4pm, when the passenger door swung open and someone tumbled out. Minutes later, the chase would end just inside The Loop, but not before the driver sideswiped the car Traute Moye was driving.

"Was it scary?" we asked her.

"It was scary, yea," she said.

"Were you worried about your life?"

"No. I never was worried about my life. I mean, I didn't have time to."

Law enforcement took one suspect to the hospital and the other to jail. They tell us this all began when the two men were spotted trying to break into cars at a Clear Lake-area Walmart. After officers were called, they took off.

"He managed to evade us for a time, until a citizen called in that he was driving recklessly, driving in and out traffic; and then our helicopter unit picked it up and picked up the chase," Houston Police Department Sgt. Mason Nguyen said.

The dramatic chase ended on Redwood near Japonica in a southeast Houston neighborhood. No one else was hurt, but there were a lot of tense moments.

"It was very scary. We were all really scared," witness Dayna Sharp said.

Investigators say the Trailblazer used in the chase had paper plates so they're not yet sure to whom it belongs. Police say they found items inside the SUV but they're not yet sure whether they belong to the suspects or maybe victims.

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