Police: Suspects use SUV in attempted robbery

Police say the would-be thieves rammed a stolen SUV into a pawn shop just west of downtown Houston.

April 5, 2012 3:49:07 AM PDT
A pawn shop near Montrose was smashed up overnight by two suspects in an SUV. The SUV was apparently stolen from a west side funeral home.

It happened around 3am at the Shaw's Jewelry and Loan shop on West Gray near Columbus. Investigators say someone rammed a vehicle into the building, creating a huge hole.

Investigators say two suspects rammed into the business through the front of the shop in a stolen SUV. According to police, the suspects jumped out with intentions to steal, but didn't appear to leave with anything.

"They went through the front of the building all the way and close to the back and when the employee made his presence known, they backed out and took off," said Sgt. Johnnie McFarland with the Houston Police Department. "

There is surveillance video, which police will review. They also took fingerprints from inside the vehicle and hope to have plenty of evidence that will help them track down the suspects.

The vehicle was reported stolen from a funeral home.