Police: Driver chases down hit-and-run suspect

A hit-and-run crash led to a chase between Robert Miller and the person he hit. Miller, 50, is now charged with DWI.

March 15, 2012 2:43:01 PM PDT
Some college students made sure an alleged drunk driver didn't get away after rear-ending their car.

Around 9:15pm Wednesday night, police say 50-year-old Robert Miller was in an SUV when he hit the student's car on Scott Street near the Gulf Freeway and took off. The students went after Miller up and down Highway 59, before they trapped him on Val Verde near Bering. That's when police showed up and arrested Miller.

The victim says she was on the phone with authorities the entire time they were chasing Miller. She says it was obvious he was drunk. The driver of the car Miller hit said the chase reached speeds of up to 95 miles per hour. At one point, Miller rolled down his window and asked why they were chasing him.

No one was hurt.

Miller is facing a charge of DWI, his third overall.