Men's Fitness magazine ranks Houston as nation's fattest city

February 21, 2012 7:01:35 AM PST
If you find yourself loosening up your belt on a regular basis, you're not alone.

Men's Fitness Magazine just ranked Houston as the nation's 'fattest city.' The magazine says 34 percent of Houstonians are overweight. Part of the reasons why are the summer heat and long commutes to work, which keep people living in the Bayou City on their bums.

The magazine also says Houston is number one for fast food with more than 1,000 fast food joints across the city to choose from.

Houston's not alone here in Texas. El Paso was ranked 7th on the list with 41 percent of its residents considered overweight. Arlington was ranked 15th and Dallas was ranked 25th. Detroit, Cleveland, Memphis, and Tampa, Florida were the other cities in the top five.