Manvel, La Marque face off for first time since fight

February 15, 2012 4:13:24 AM PST
The last time La Marque and Manvel high schools' basketball teams tipped off, the game ended with an out-of-control fight and a coach ended up with a black eye.

On Tuesday night, the teams played again, but the schools worked to make sure the rematch didn't end in a repeat.

Only the stragglers were left the Manvel High School gym on Tuesday night. The last time the two teams met, it was at La Marque, and there was one officer. But at this game, there was a whole lot more, including the police chiefs from both school districts, and there wasn't a hint of trouble.

Tipoff at Manvel High School on Tuesday night was in front of a full and spirited home crowd -- and double the normal number of police officers.

"That was a one-time incident. It has never happened before and it won't happen again," grandparent Lillian Bowers said.

This is the first time Manvel and La Marque have met since a post game fight back in January. It happened on La Marque's home turf. No players were involved, but it left Manvel's head coach Greg Devers with a black eye.

Devers' black eye was gone on Tuesday, but Bowers says La Marque's isn't.

"It was on La Marque's home turf, so they got the blame for everything," she said.

Six La Marque students were sent to alternative school and could face criminal charges.

On Tuesday night, La Marque traveled with three officers. Manvel had six on hand. They were hard to ignore, while fans, especially those of Manvel's undefeated team, were here for one thing.

"We're here for the basketball game," parent Rhonda Buckner said.

"Here in Manvel, we just want to concentrate on winning the game. We just want to concentrate on basketball. All the other stuff -- things like that happen and we want to just let that go," Manvel fan Jerome Davis said.

With a 97-43 win on Tuesday night, Manvel High School is one win away from winning district.

The Galveston County District Attorney's Office is still considering whether to file criminal charges against those six La Marque students for their alleged roles in that fight.