Valentine's Day shoppers swarm Flower Row

February 13, 2012 10:00:00 PM PST
There's as much green as red on this Valentine's Day. Some Houston florists expect to sell 30,000 roses this week.

So if you've been oblivious to all the hearts and the red and pink aisles at stores, you now have no excuses. On Flower Row, as its affectionately called at Fannin and Blodgett, stores are open and there has been a steady stream of men coming in to pick up flowers, balloons and cards for their sweeties.

"I'm just gonna leave it on the table for her and let her wake up to it," said customer Leonardo Aguirre. "She's really special to me so I want to make her feel special."

A lot of the men shopping early this morning said they work overnight shifts so this is their chance to grab something. Those ladies are going to wake up happy today.