Security guards fired after incident with students at Pearland HS

February 9, 2012 3:15:53 AM PST
Two security guards have been fired because of what happened during lunch at Pearland High School.

Pearland police will continue interviewing the students and guards involved today.

Right now, they've determined the incident started Tuesday and spilled over to yesterday. A male student and male security guard exchanged words in the cafeteria and then police say the two took it outside. Then a female student and female security guard also ended up outside after a verbal confrontation. Investigators say it escalated into something physical.

They say the female guard grabbed the hair of the female student and began pulling her around. The principal got involved and broke up the incident and the security guards were ordered off campus and fired.

"At this point, we are going to review what happened and determine exactly to what degree the security guards may have been within their rights or perhaps exceeded their authority and crossed into possible criminal acts," Pearland Police Department Lt. Onesimo Lopez said.

Lt. Lopez says the female security guard will be charged. It's not clear exactly what she'll face yet.

He adds part of the investigation will include going through school surveillance video to see if any of the incident was captured on tape.

A Pearland ISD spokesperson said campus officials called the parents of the students involved to notify them of the incident and apologized.

The district says it is now reviewing its agreement with the security company Allied Barton.

"Pearland ISD strives to provide a quality education in a safe environment for our students. We do not condone the actions of the security guards in this situation," Pearland ISD Director of Communications Renea Ivy-Sims said in a prepared statement.