'Occupy' protestors block access to Port of Houston


Demonstrators blocked truck traffic going into the Port of Houston. Dozens gathered along the street, while six laid directly on the road. Houston police say there were a total of 20 peaceful arrests -- 16 men and four women.

According to police, eight of the 20 were arrested for use of a criminal instrument, a felony, because they used PVC pipe to connect themselves together. Firefighters covered the protestors with a red tent while they cut the PVC apart in order to keep the sparks from flying.

Ten were arrested fro obstructing a roadway, while two were arrested for interfering with a public servant after they got in front of the officers mounted on horses, police say.

The activists are calling the ports the "economic engines for the elite."

They are calling for an audit of the Port of Houston Authority who they accuse of misusing funds, falsifying records and other abuses.

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