Authorities searching for alleged home burglar


It was last Friday in the middle of the day when neighbors told deputies they saw two guys break into the family's home in the White Oak Springs subdivision, and once again the family became crime victims.

"They actually kicked it open," burglary victim Amber Kahn said. "It was just a huge mess."

For anyone else, this would be just a typical break-in -- door kicked in, locks broken, property gone. But the burglary that happened at Amber's house last week hits a lot harder.

"It don't make any sense, why us?," said her brother, Saad Kahn.

Their father and Durdana Kahn's husband, Saib Kahn, was murdered a little more than a year ago at his business, which wasn't yet open. Robbery was the motive, said Houston police. The minute it clicked that they were victims once again, any sense of normalcy they had achieved was gone.

"Day by day, we live in pain and it's just not easy for us, so after this we felt even more insecure," Amber said.

Observant neighbors caught a license plate on the thieves car and a fingerprint left behind has led investigators to identify 19-year-old Lamont Presley. The Harris County Sheriff's Office has made finding him a priority.

Amber says others in the county's South Asian community have also felt targeted.

"People assume that we have more gold, like jewelry and stuff, due to our nationality and so we feel like we're more of a target," she said.

And because of what happened to her father, more so. Finding Presley, she says, would help.

"We just want this guy caught before he can cause any damage -- any emotional or even physical damage -- to any other family," she said.

Since the murder last year, the family has lost their business, and the son has had to step in to support all of them. A man has been charged with capital murder.

As for this burglary, if you have any information on Presley, you're urged to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-8477. You could be eligible for a reward.

Presley has four previous burglary charges.

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