Houston Food Bank needs your help


The Houston Food Bank has one million pounds of food less than it did last year.

In all, they distribute about 70 million pounds of food. So a million pounds may not seem like a lot when you hear that big number but the problem is the Food Bank isn't seeing as much of those nutritious foods they need.

Two years ago the Food Bank says it had 37 tractor trailers of peanut butter. This year nothing, that's in large part because food prices are higher and they aren't getting as much help from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

"USDA Food has come in at a much reduced rate. We have about 40 percent less USDA Food than we had last year. And that's the most nutritious stuff," said Betsy Ballard with the Houston Food Bank.

So, if you can donate, the best things to give are canned fruits and vegetables. Proteins like peanut butter, canned tuna or even beef stews.

If you can't donate items, keep in mind that just $1 provides three meals, to someone in need.

You can join us for the 31st annual Share your Holidays Food Drive. This will benefit the Houston Food Bank. It's this Friday from 6am to 6pm here at the ABC13 studios on Bissonnet. There are collections sites all over the area.

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