Rookie QB T.J. Yates leading Texans against Falcons


Many tailgaters say they are rooting on T.J. Yates, 24, who has gone from third string to a starter in a matter of weeks. But with two quarterbacks out for the season, the Texans are hoping that Yates will continue their road to the postseason.

Yates was thrust into the spotlight a few weeks ago after starting quarterback Matt Schaub suffered a severe foot injury. Then just after that, number two quarterback Matt Leinert fractured his left collarbone.

Today is the first time the fifth-round pick will start for the Texans. The team hopes he will extend the current record as the longest single season winning streak in team history.

"Of course there is going to be some butterflies, but I am going to try to keep my routine exactly the same throughout the week and just so I can stay as normal as possible," said Yates.

The Texans have added two other quarterbacks, 36-year-old Jake Delhomme, who was brought out of retirement, and also Kellen Clemens.

Kickoff is at noon at Reliant Stadium.

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