Suspected car thieves flee after gunfight with officer


It happened around 8:30pm Wednesday at Yellowstone Park Apartments on Yellowstone on Houston's south side.

Investigators say a resident called the courtesy officer -- a neighbor who is an HPD officer -- to report the break-in of a vehicle in the parking lot.

The officer confronted two men who were allegedly breaking into a van. They pointed a gun at the officer and ran to a nearby pickup truck.

The officer fired at them as they made their getaway, officials said.

According to authorities, it didn't end there. A third man was still inside the van they were trying to steal.

Police said the officer called the man out of the vehicle, but he exited with a gun pointing at the officer and fired once.

Officials said the officer returned fire as the third suspect ran away.

Police were unable to find the gunmen. They don't believe anyone was shot. The officer was uninjured.

Anyone with information can call police or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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