Teen killed in drive-by shooting in SW Houston


Police don't have a motive for this shooting that took the life of a promising young teenager and left his friend in critical condition.

Ruben Agostadero, 15, was a 9th grader at Hastings High School. His family came to Houston just before he was born from Guanajuato, Mexico, to give their children a better life. His father says Ruben was a good student who did not have any enemies. That is why he is so shocked that anyone could hurt him.

At around 7:30pm Monday, Ruben and his 16-year-old friend Raul Pillado were walking home on Club Creek near Beechnut after playing soccer when out of nowhere police say two trucks pulled up and as many as five people started shooting.

Ruben tried to run, but was hit multiple times and died at the scene -- just a few feet from the apartment building where his mother, father and three siblings live. His friend was also hit several times and was severely injured.

Ruben's father says his son was a happy kid, and his sister says he was a great big brother.

"Sometimes he'd tell me that he loved me," Nicole Agostadero, sister of the victim.

Patricia Agostadero sobs at the site where her brother was gunned down Monday, and her words barely audible through her agony.

"He came from soccer practice," she said, crying.

"He's a boy. He's a boy," said his mother, Silvia Pina. "He's never been in any gangs or anything. We still don't know if they were after his friends or anything."

News of the 15-year-old's death spread quickly among friends. Most were classmates who also attended 9th grade at Hastings. Several came by to erect a small memorial and pay their respects.

"He was cool, he was real, he was cool with everybody," said Ivette Juarez.

Police have few clues to go on, and nobody is under arrest. They are asking for the public's help.

And for a devastated family, they are just wondering why anyone would kill their son and brother.

"I don't know. They said those shots weren't for him; they were for another guy. He was in the wrong place," said Patricia Agostadero.

The other teen, Pillado, is still hospitalized. His current condition is not known because he is in surgery.

Houston police are looking for five suspects; some of them were in a white Ford F-150, others in a black truck.

Homicide detectives are hoping because this happened early in the evening that witnesses will come forward. They are asking anyone with information to call HPD Homicide Division at 713-308-3600 or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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