Confrontation over car ends in deadly shooting in Clear Lake


Tearful acquaintances, including grocery customers who knew Warren White, spent an emotional morning visiting the very public crime scene. Many people say White, 29, was well known for his fancy car, and sadly police say it was that car that led to his murder.

Former neighbor and friend Gina White said she had to drive over and see for herself. The customized white Chevy Caprice with chrome rims and distinguishing markings -- the car Houston police say was behind the murder of a Food Town grocery store employee.

Gina said she loved Warren like a son.

She said, "He was a sweet person. He had kids. He took care of his kids. He was a hard worker."

Store officials say Warren had just clocked out Wednesday night when he was told someone was tampering with his car. He went outside to confront them, where he was shot multiple times and died, shocking his friends and neighbors.

"I saw him yesterday and I saw him the day before yesterday," recalled neighbor Desiree Moses.

Neighbors and friends say Warren was best known for fixing up old cars and turning them into fancy rides, like the one he was shot over.

Gina said, "That car, when it's on, it sounds like a club, it's so loud, with the speakers."

She added that this car had been targeted before by potential thieves.

Distraught family members came out to the parking lot. One drove the car in question away, even as police are still trying to track down the killers.

"People like that ... I don't believe in the death penalty, but that's what it's for," Gina said. "He's a hard worker, working hard all the time for what he wants, and that's what people should do. I mean, that is really sad."

The suspects fled the scene in a small red or maroon car. Authorities are interviewing witnesses who may have seen those suspects. They are also reviewing surveillance video that may have captured the murder.

We worked on this story with our Houston Community Newspaper partner, the Bay Area Citizen.

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