Burglary in broad daylight caught on camera


Paz Mugeerza went to great lengths to secure his home.

"I've invested a lot of money into this house," he said.

Mugeerza thought a home alarm system and a network of security cameras would be enough to protect his property from thieves. Turns out, he was wrong.

"They kicked in a total of three doors," Mugeerza said. "Are these people real. Are they really doing this?"

Mugeerza couldn't believe his eyes. Surveillance cameras mounted across his house caught five young men in hoodies breaking into his home in broad daylight. First you see them in the front of house, two of them climb over the gate, then one of the suspects goes into the backyard and kicks in the door.

"The alarm went off after he kicked in the door and that didn't stop him from walking in there," Mugeerza said.

They ransacked his home and helped themselves to a small safe, and a bunch of electronics including a flat screen TV.

"They just yanked everything out of the wall," Mugeerza said. "A laptop that sat right here."

One of the suspects is caught on camera walking out of the house without his hood. The others are seen loading the stolen items from Mugeerza's house into one of their getaway cars.

"It's disappointing to work for something and to have somebody take it from you in a matter of seconds," he told us.

Idylwood on the city's southeast side is a quiet community. Neighbors are now on edge.

"I guess we just have to watch out for each other. Find out who on the block is home during the day. Just kind of take care of each other," said resident Benjamin Blanding.

Surprisingly, Mugeerza isn't angry. All he feels is pity.

"I'd like to see these guys prosecuted for it and maybe that will be a stepping stone to them to have a different life," he said.

The suspects are still on the loose. If you recognize the young men in the surveillance video, you are urged to call Houston police.

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