Families outraged over freedom for suspected killers


The shooting happened July 24 at a bar on Veteran's Memorial and FM1960. It's a real shocker for the mothers of those two murder victims. They've attended every hearing at the criminal courthouse for their sons accused killers.

Betty Hernandez, one victim's mother, said, "No matter what they do they are not going to bring him back."

For sisters Betty Hernandez and Gloria Vargas, there is no greater pain than dealing with the loss of their two sons.

Vargas said, "I even hate to talk about it because it hurts me so much."

On July 24, Roland Vargas, 20, and his cousin Lee Hernandez, 19, were killed in a drive-by shooting after getting into a fight with a group of guys at a nightclub.

"They left them dead like they were dogs on the street," Gloria said.

Authorities arrested Chris Garcia, David Salinas and Alex Molina and charged them with capital murder. Yet these sisters say their nightmare was just beginning.

Betty said, "They bond out. They get a bond."

To their surprise, Judge Marc Brown set Alex Molina, the accused triggerman's bond at $200,000, and Chris Garcia's at $100,000. The judge's assistant told us he can't comment on open cases.

"My boy can't be here with his momma and kids," Gloria said. "He left two babies behind and they're out there walking around with their parents, their grandparents like nothing."

While it sounds unusual, bonds are guaranteed under the Texas constitution, even in capital murder cases, with certain conditions. Molina and Garcia are forbidden from contacting the victims' families, under 24 hour a day supervision by GPS electronic monitors and can only leave home for work.

Betty Hernandez says this is not her idea of justice.

"Something's got to be done," she said. "I don't even think it's fair they got a bond."

Salinas is still in jail. All three are due back in court later this month.

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