District A incumbant Stardig faces two challengers


In its distant past, Spring Branch was its own community. It remains a community but one within Houston, where it's the heart of City Council District A. It the same challenges as other areas -- aging infrastructure, traffic, some older apartment and multi-family developments; they are all the subject of neighbor complaints, neighborhoods new and established.

For nearly two years, District A has been represented by Councilwoman Brenda Stardig, who was born at Spring Branch hospital. It recently reopened and she helped find a buyer for the hospital, and revitalization, she says, is what her philosophy is all about.

"Here in District A we actually see new growth, and we see people moving into the area and new jobs. Here at the Spring Branch hospital, which has recently reopened, we see new jobs occurring and new families moving in and births, new babies," Stardig said.

A first-time candidate for office, Helena Brown describes herself as a strong opponent of the drainage fee approved in the last election and red light cameras. She says she's been endorsed by two former District A council members.

"I'm not a person that is running with the solution. I believe the solution is with the constituents and neighborhoods who know what works for them and I will be their champion, their advocate, on City Council -- that's the appropriate way of representing your constituents," Brown said.

Candidate No. 3 is Bob Schoellkopf, who ran for the District A council seat in the last election. He is opposed to the water and sewer rate increase that's already taken effect in Houston and the drainage fee.

"It's hurting not only the homeowners in our community but small business guys and small business, period, with Prop 1, these drainage fees and all. If they cut out the corporate welfare, the city should have a surplus," Schoellkopf said.

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