Where to buy the cheapest Halloween candy


From the grocery store to the drug store and discount store, we found prices do vary but by how much?

Our first stop Target, and it was busy in the candy aisle.

"I got a variety pack of Snickers," shopper Molly Horn said.

"So, I got a SweeTarts variety pack," shopper Nichole Taylor said.

The options were endless and not just in the variety of candy but the actual size of the packages. Here we picked up Skittles for $2.49 and Twix for $2.49 each and then we compare that to the size of the bigger sized bags to see if that's a deal.

"I am buying in bulk for convenience because now the way it is packaged, it will tell you the number of pieces in there and I know how many kids are coming to the house," shopper Cynthia Turner said.

When it comes to buying in bulk, the bigger bag may not be the best bargain. In fact, the smaller Snickers bag, if you buy four of these, it is a better deal than the one big bag.

Because the small fun-size candy bags were on sale, we found several examples that those packages per ounce were less expensive than the bigger bulk bags.

Our next stop was at Kroger. There we found the same sale. The small fun-size bags were two for $5. The bigger bulk bags were pricier than Target's. But at Kroger, the store has a Hershey's candy incentive. If you buy $20 worth of Hershey's candy, you'll get a $5 off Kroger coupon on your next visit.

Our final stop was Walgreens.

"It's very convenient and it's on my way to work," shopper Dr. Ann Craig said.

But you will pay for convenience. We immediately noticed the Skittles and Twix and Skittles at Walgreens. Twix small fun-size packages were a dollar more than the same exact candy we priced at both Target and Kroger. And even though some candy was on sale for $2.99 a bag, it was still 50 cents more expensive than the other stores.

If you're wondering how the warehouse clubs like Sam's Club and Costco fared, we found the prices are better than the discount store and the grocery store. But remember, you have to be a member of the stores to be able to shop there. Annual membership is $40 to $50.

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